Farzaneh Tavana was born in Esfahan where some people call it the Mother House of Ghalamkar. From her early youth, Farzaneh’s soul was infatuated with the traditional arts and handicrafts of Esfahan. Later when Farzaneh studied Fine art, and graduated from Chelsea University of Art and Design, in London with a major in Interior Design and Fine Art. Through her extensive travels, and the knowlege she gathered from different parts of the world, she became more passionate about her belief to apply Art in the everyday life of people. Farzaneh through her creativity and inquisitive soul, with the support and insight from one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Iranian masters, such as Asghar Motamedi, she has embarked to present this traditional art in a profound and unique way. By simplifying the patterns and designs, Farzaneh has disrupted the repetitious rhythms and colors being used in the past and transformed them to designs that are much more palatable with the current trends and tastes. The use of color, patterns, and designs in some of her works are audacious enough to be considered as modern art.

Her Philosophy

Farzaneh Tavana believes, the repetitious frameworks have depleted the soul and spirit of this art (Ghalamkari) in the past years. She says:
“In recent years I have felt the need to reframe the old patterns and frameworks, with that being said, I have been practicing this, within myself as well. That is how a new journey for the artist and an artform begins!”

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